#ItsOnlyMonday w/ Cameron

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Anti-Disciplinary Artist Cameron Downey

Last Monday, I got to link and shoot with one of my favorite contemporary artists, Cameron Downey, in The Whittier Neighborhood of South Minneapolis and an industrial shipping dock in St. Paul. This photo set was inspired by Cam's unapologetic, nonconformist and multidimensional attitude toward imagination, possibility and liberation.

In practice I'd describe myself as antidisciplinary - there's no one or even combination of disciplines that accurately encompass the work I aim to do, I think in terms of parallel worlds when I make things.

#ItsOnlyMonday is a title whose meaning runs parallel to Cam's radical approach to creativity in the ways she demystifies man-made conventions like time and space to tell a story, express meaning, or even guide viewers to where inspiration can take root, bloom and evolve into a context of an unlimited, encompassing existence. And to keep it 100, you really don't need a day (like Monday) to indicate that you're ready to execute a wild dream. The key is to live in itinfinitely.

Ultimately, I've learned that there is truly no angle, perspective or scale in the photographic medium that can neatly translate the magnificent design of the human body, mind and spirit in one frame. But maybe 15. 

Check out the photo set below:

Nancy Musinguzi