Meet The Homies: Legacy|Legacy

Meet Legacy|Legacy

He is a Chicago-native, Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter. At 20 years old, Legacy began his pursuit of music after a series of life changes, from leaving the Windy City, being confronted with challenges like homelessness and abandonment, and found purpose in live performance.

Getting his start in the Twin Cities by first attending open mic nights as an onlooker, he broke out of his shell at places like The Blue Nile and Bean Scene that helped develop his confidence to manifest his dreams as a performer. Incorporating his love for eclecticism in sound, Legacy's music transcends genres like gospel, rock&roll, hip-hop and r&b to invent his own distinctive style of performance.

Currently, he is in the process of completing his first project, LIMITLESS, an EP that he described as a “complete embodiment of who and what I am - my creed, philosophy, and daily affirmations of my livelihood - limitless.” 

Check out my favorite scenes below from following Legacy around his neighborhood of North Minneapolis where he introduced to me a new side to the Northside.

Currently, I am seeking to meet and get to know local creatives to feature in my portrait series, Meet The Homies. If you're in the Twin Cities and have a free day to show me around your neighborhood, contact me here and let's link :)


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