TWIN FLAME PRESENTS Euphony: A Sexxy Jamz V-Day Playlist

"Euphony: A Valentines Special" by N. Musinguzi

"Euphony: A Valentines Special" by N. Musinguzi

No one but my girlfriend, Tazha, and our friend Iman has seen me draw. Every day from August up until now, I turn off my wifi and shut down my electronic devices and delve into ink and paper for a few hours. Being around screens and digital landscapes shrinks my love for artmaking. The feeling of needing to share what you create with the world sometimes keeps me from completely immersing myself into my illustration. But one day, Tazha said that we should create music playlists and original cover art to share with our friends. And from that day, we became Twin Flame. She's a blessing no doubt. I couldn't have done half the things I've done in the last two years without her. She's my muse, my co-creator, my A1 and foundation. She keeps me balanced and sharp, on my toes, never less than expected. Her music, creativity, focus and dedication to composition inspires me. Maybe one day you'll see my stuff pasted on the side of a bus stop or hanging behind framed glass in a gallery. Who knows.

Check out our playlist below and celebrate love endlessly and infinitely +++


Nancy Musinguzi