BXB's 2016 Reel & 2017 And Onward

Thank You, 2016.

I love you with all of my heart.

It was a time to learn on the fly, work smarter, think bigger, push boundaries, reject falsehoods, demand justice, reclaim narratives, and simply leave your mark as the greatest version of yourself on the world's largest public stage (The Internet).

Humanity is incredible. We lost the world's most beloved leaders and ushered in a new generation of our very own. We created new platforms to express ourselves, challenge old world powers, redefine norms, and got a new Frank Ocean album all in the same year. 

So, enjoy a year of life behind the still frame and assignments: a year classified by the celebration of witness and raw autobiography in today's evolving culture of movement and change. 

Posture & Portraiture

Currently, I am doing a portrait/interview series with practicing artists of color called Posture & Portraiture. From photographers to dancers, illustrators, filmmakers, I'm seeking multi-generational artists to share their stories on the practice and experience of working within - and on the margins - of the art world.

Interested? Book a session with me here.

Nancy Musinguzi