The BXB Collective Presents: Speak My Mind: A Narrative Series on Black Women Artists In America

Hey World.

It's been a very long, long year.

Especially for Black folks. 

And no, I am not going to sit here and drown you out with my theory, history or perspectives on all the horrible and troubling things that occur in Black America or Black life. In a world that keep us boxed up inside a constant state of fear and trauma, I'm keeping it one hundred, this post has no room for that.

One afternoon on the hottest day of July of this year, I stood in front of my mirror and just...cried. Straight fetal position, shaking, mourning and cried myself a river in my room. I had no sense of place and no reason to be or become. I had no idea of what I wanted in the world, let alone from the world. I couldn't articulate my feelings and perspective in a neat verbiage that could help transcend this meaning beyond like-minded people. I became brittled (and weary) from the pains of the world. And then out of nowhere, an idea pops in my head and tells me to just say what I mean. To stop with the filters and apologies and explaining. My mind told me different: "Turn that pain into power."

The BXB Collective is excited to announce Speak My Mind, a three-day multimedia exhibition featuring the works of rising black women in the contemporary art world. Beyond providing a platform for Black women to be themselves, speak as loud as they want, no matter who is in the room. This exhibition was made to change the way you see people like me. And I hope it can transform current attitudes toward Black women as a whole and their role in the world.

We will debut the first installment of our series at this year’s Open Doors Citywide Arts Festival in Newark, NJ from October 21st - 23rd.

Join us for a weekend full of inspiring imagery, healing music, and thought-provoking conversation brought to you by an emerging generation of Black artists in America.

This weekend was made possible with the support by Gallery Aferro, Newark Arts Council & Museache.

To RSVP, visit

Nancy Musinguzi