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Photo Credit: Jon Crisp/Crillmatic

Photo Credit: Jon Crisp/Crillmatic

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Digital. Mobile. Instant. Disposable. 35mm. All formats lead to powerful narratives ready to transform perspectives and build pathways toward social change.

Nancy Musinguzi is a visual storyteller, mixed-media artist and freelance photojournalist working and living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, originally from Somerset, New Jersey. Merging her interests and passions in human rights, community organizing, music, art and history, Nancy picked up a camera at 15 years old and started documenting her personal life, peers and suburbia culture in New Jersey. Today, she experiments with both traditional and emerging processes in media-making to document the lives and perspectives of marginal cultures, communities and voices that chronicle and shape the contemporary American experience.

Since 2014, she has showcased her artworks in solo and group exhibitions across the nation, and guest curated gallery shows in collaboration with other emerging artists, non-profit organizations, corporations, academic institutions and grassroots organizations. Her work is published in six photography books, most recently a mixed-media photography zine, The Time Machine: 2.0, in 2017. She is the Executive Director of Brick x Brick, a visual media company and collaborative studio for contemporary artists, where she leads creative teams of freelance artists & professionals to provide a variety of photo, video and multi-media production services for organizations, individuals, small businesses and brands between the Twin Cities and New Jersey. She studied at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey and graduated with a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and Political Science in 2013.




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