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  Self-Portrait, 2018.

Self-Portrait, 2018.



My name’s Nancy. I’m a visual artist, image-maker, storyteller and world explorer. Pronouns are they/them. Gender Non-Conforming Black Boi. Youngest child of Liberian and Ugandan immigrant parents. My current body of works are comprised of both linear and non-linear visual narratives documenting the lives, development and radical traditions of creators and visionaries - primarily LGBTQIA, Black, Brown and Indigenous artists, musicians, activists, and organizers - as they use their talents and knowledge to not just influence their peers but inspire them to act and make unapologetic change in the world on their own terms. Captured through candid, documentary-styled portraits and behind-the-scenes imagery, in a wide range of formats (35mm film, digital, iPhone, disposable, polaroid), my goal is to create imagery with depth and texture that reinforces the dignity and true character of my subjects that challenge how their culture, identity, and community are represented in the mainstream world of media, industry and beyond. Twelve years and counting, the camera has transformed my day-to-day human experience - personally and professionally - as it reminds me to be accountable for how I show up in other people’s worlds, develop better ethics in my practice in telling other people’s stories in their voice, not filtered through my own.


Since 2014, I’ve installed finished and on-going series in solo and group exhibitions across the nation, and guest curated gallery shows in collaboration with mid-career and emerging artists, non-profit organizations and foundations, private and public universities, high schools, and grassroots and community groups. I’ve also self-published series and collections in seven photography books, most recently a conceptual photography zine, The Time Machine: 2.0, in 2017.

In 2015, I started a small business, Brick x Brick, a visual media company providing image-making, narrative video, and creative production to support community-based, mission-driven collaborators, organizations and institutions tell human-driven narratives of impact and social change in the world through ethical storytelling.

Available client services include visual + digital storytelling, content creation, youth education + event coverage.

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