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  Self-Portrait, 2018.

Self-Portrait, 2018.


Image-making is one of the most powerful forms of communication and has a unique ability to shape and transcend cultural and linguistic boundaries, expanding the everyday imagination in the exploration of what it means to be human today. Combined with storytelling, also holds the unique power to shape and change the lives of everyday people and their connection to their local communities and others around the world. The lens has helped me better understand how to author my own truths into public record and resist conforming to mainstream standards of creative expression. My current body of works are unapologetic reflections of life that represent today's human experience. And as a 27 year old queer nonbinary Black immigrant American photographer, it is truly an extraordinary experience to live, work and create in this ever-changing world.


Since 2014, I’ve installed finished and on-going series in solo and group exhibitions across the nation, and guest curated gallery shows in collaboration with mid-career and emerging artists, non-profit organizations and foundations, private and public universities, high schools, and grassroots and community groups. I’ve also self-published series and collections in seven photography books, most recently a conceptual photography zine, The Time Machine: 2.0, in 2017.

In 2015, I started a small business, Brick x Brick, a visual media company providing in-house photography, video, and creative production to community-based, mission-driven collaborators, organizations and institutions. Our core mission is to drive and amplify the work of passionate, innovative people and their stories that challenge the narrative of social change and its representation in mainstream media.

Available client services include visual + digital storytelling, content creation, youth engagement + event coverage.

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