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  Self-Portrait, 2018.

Self-Portrait, 2018.

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My name is Nancy Musinguzi and I am a first-generation queer visual storyteller, mixed-media artist and freelance photojournalist working and living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My main area of focus is documenting the lived experiences of under-represented and under-recognized folks, communities and cultures in current-day America. Particularly through intimate portraits and behind-the-scenes storytelling, my mission is to provide viewers with a passenger seat view to witness the raw realities of the world through human-driven narratives.

For the past 4 years, I have lived and worked in the Twin Cities providing my in-house photography, video and media coordinating services to an outstanding community of radical, mission-driven collaborators, organizations and institutions whom are as equally passionate as myself in using visual media as a catalyzer for real-world impact and change while also connecting people, humanizing their stories and empowering the populations they serve.

Since 2014, I've showcased my artworks in solo and group exhibitions across the nation, and guest curated gallery shows in collaboration with other emerging artists, non-profit organizations, corporations, academic institutions and grassroots organizations. I've self-published work in seven photography books, most recently a conceptual photography zine, The Time Machine: 2.0, in 2017.

Since 2015, I started a small business, Brick x Brick, a visual media company providing in-house photography, video and media production services to radical, mission-driven collaborators, organizations and institutions. BXB's core mission is to transform the narrative of social change, its visual representation in mainstream media, while humanizing the work of those dedicated to empowering the populations they serve, one story at a time. Available services include content creation and strategy, media coordination, and live coverage. 



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