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Self-Portrait, 2018.

Self-Portrait, 2018.



I'm a (Black/Immigrant/Queer/Gender Non-Conforming) visual and teaching artist, documentary photographer, and freelance visual journalist currently based in the Whittier Neighborhood of South Minneapolis. Transplanting from New Jersey to the Twin Cities 4 years ago, I've chronicled the contemporary American experience through the narratives and candid moments of Black, Indigenous, Immigrant, LGBTQ+ artists, musicians, activists, organizers, and educators, their vibrant cultures, and the movements they lead that shape, inspire and transform their communities - with their own voices, on their terms.

Captured through candid, documentary-styled portraits and behind-the-scenes imagery, in a wide range of formats (35mm film, digital, iPhone, disposable, polaroid), I aim to decolonize the white gaze with raw depth and texture that reinforces the dignity and true character of my subjects that challenge how their culture, identity, and community are represented in the mainstream - transcending digital and physical spaces for my peers to interact, engage, think, imagine, dream and be free.


Since 2014, I’ve installed finished and on-going series in solo and group exhibitions across the nation, and guest curated gallery shows in collaboration with mid-career and emerging artists, non-profit organizations and foundations, private and public universities, high schools, and grassroots and community groups. I’ve also self-published series and collections in 8 photography books, most recently an art book, The Letter Formally Known As Q, in 2018.

In 2015, I started a small business, Brick x Brick, providing accessible and inclusive media services to mission-driven organizations, small businesses, emerging artists and entrepreneurs to help amplify their voices & vision to bring positive change into their communities. 

Previous clients: McKnight Foundation, Bush Foundation, MPR/The Current, United States Tennis Association, Winona State University, Olaf College, Gallery Aferro, Boston University, Roosevelt High School, United Way, MiA, OutFront MN, Twin Cities Daily Planet, XXL Magazine, CMJ Magazine, Greenroom Magazine, Youthprise, SPNN, Pollen, Target, Proof Public, Youthlink, Cycling Museum of Minnesota & more.

Available freelance & client services include visual + digital storytelling, content creation, youth education + event coverage.

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